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New Hybrid Point Of Sale Software
Designed Specifically For 12 Volt and Aftermarket Retailers

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SoftSell POS is a custom software system developed specifically for the automotive aftermarket industry with 25+ years of client input from businesses just like yours. In fact, it was born out of the need for an effective management system where none existed for this industry. We have dedicated our days and nights for the past 3 years building a modern and amazing POS product designed so business owners can better operate and control their businesses in an increasingly difficult environment.

Responsive Development

SoftSell POS has been created with an architecture that permits extremely short development times. When we hear great ideas from our clients, or functionality needed specific to their operation, solutions are most often distributed to users in just days. Our years of responsive development practices have produced a POS system with the functions you need. If you have a new idea, just let us know! Built-in automation streamlines update distribution. Speaking of development, our focus has been on SoftSell POS. We will re-create this web site very soon.

Powerful Controls

SoftSell POS User Profiles and settings offer you full control over all aspects of how SoftSell POS functions. Our many years of incorporating beneficial suggestions by automotive aftermarket dealers have produced an amazing system for your business. Ease of training is incorporated into SoftSell POS.

Multi-Store Connectivity

Worried that opening additional locations will double your work but not your income? With Softsell POS, all locations are connected through the software system. All transactions including Invoices, purchase orders, inter-store transfers and more are communicated between the locations in real time. Each store can not only see what they have in stock and on order but they can also see what all of the other stores have as well. You can even see what each store has in their appointment schedule each day from your host location. System Setup and maintenence is centralized and need be performed only in one Computer.

Inventory Management

SOFTSELL POS keeps track of inventory in real time. You will know what you have and where you have it. There is an easy audit system to investigate discrepancies. The system also offers time saving features such as auto generated purchase orders and transfers based on low stock or items sold. Physical inventories are simple using a barcode scanner or hand counts or both. By making inventory simple and accurate, you are better able to avoid the pitfalls many businesses encounter with inventory management. SoftSell POS includes a powerful data import and item preparation database. Automated functions update existing items and assist with updating raw imported data records before items "Go Live" as new products.

What Is A Hybrid POS System?

SoftSell POS Version 7 Hybrid software utilizes Edge Computing that offers the most responsive and reliable database architecture. Hybrid function has allowed our developers to seamlessly combine secure cloud connectivity with the speed, power, and security of a local database. For users, edge computing means a faster, more consistent experience. SoftSell Hybrid systems simplify networks, avoid bandwidth constraints, reduce transmission delays, prevent service failures, and provide better control over the movement of sensitive data. A key benefit is that you can manage your business from anywhere, even if off line. You can have the confidence to expand into new markets and not lose the control you need to achieve success.

Switching POS Systems Made Easy

SoftSell POS is easy to learn and use with a clean and inviting user interface. Employees new to the system will be up and running in a short time. Integrated tutorial videos train you and your staff and we are, of course, here to help. Help buttons in SoftSell POS display a list of videos pertaining to the current screen so training is a breeze. We will facilitate the switch from your current system by importing your items, inventory, and customers at no charge when you sign up with us. Our database contains thousands of items from the major accessory manufacturers already included for you to ease Inventory item setup. We also include labor item SKUs that you may use, modify, or delete.

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